Wug Robot: Raspberry Pi Zero Basic Kit

This is the basic kit for the Raspberry Pi Zero (with or without W). Why this kit?

After you are familiar with the Raspberry Pi Zero a little bit, you probably want to explore the way to work on it remotely. That means you connect to the Raspberry Pi Zero through a wireless connection using a PC or some other device. From a hardware point of view, you will not need a monitor, mouse or keyboard to connect to the Raspberry Pi Zero anymore. From a software point of view, you have to do the following three things:

  1. Make sure SSH is enabled on your Raspberry Pi Zero and has a password set.
  2. Connect the Raspberry Pi Zero (with or without W) to a wireless network and write down the IP address.
  3. Install a remote terminal program on the PC, we usually use PuTTY.

Here, if you have a Raspberry Pi Zero W, connecting to wireless is easy, just like you do it on your PC or cellular phone.

If you have a Raspberry Pi Zero without W, things will be a little bit more complicated. You need to plug a WiFi dongle to connect to WiFi. However it is not that complicated :-)

Anyways, if we can assume you have done the above three things, the picture below shows what is included in this kit.

Kit Contents Picture Power Connected Picture

After everything is connected, you can turn on the power now and enjoy!

If you want to know how to put the clear case together, please visit our step by step instructions

If you want to buy this kit, you can either contact us at wugrobot@gmail.com or visit our Amazon Page