Wug Robot

At Wug Robot, we believe in engineering. We believe engineering is fundamental to a society, we believe engineering can make people live better, we also believe engineering is fun!

Introducing ...

The Wug Robot PiON

A multifunctional UPS for Raspberry Pi and in fact, many other ARM devices like Orange Pi!

Wug Robot PiON
Key Features:
  • Provides uninterrupted power supply to Raspberry Pi and other Pi. The Pi is always ON!
  • Serve as a switch to soft turn on and shut down Raspberry Pi. Safe and convenient!
  • Battery can support Pi for hours and be recharged. No work interruption!
  • Automatically soft shutdown Raspberry Pi when battery pack is low. Never corruption!
  • Support both AAA and AA NiMH battery. Flexible and safe to fly!
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