Wug Robot: PiON

The PiON from Wug Robot is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the Raspberry Pi. It includes two key components, the PiON board and a 7.2V NiMH battery pack. The picture below is the PiON board with and without the protective case.

PiON Board Picture

This is the picture of battery pack. It can be either an AAA battery pack or an AA battery pack. A switch on the PiON board changes between charging either an AAA battery pack or an AA battery pack.

PiON Battery Pack Picture

This is the picture of the PiON Board with descriptions of the connectors and switches.

PiON Connections Diagram

This is a picture showing when all connections are set up.

PiON Assembled Picture

In normal working conditions, external power is available. The PiON board provides power to the Raspberry Pi and charges the battery pack.

Below is a picture showing an example of a PiON application. It features one of our future server and file management systems running on the Raspberry Pi, you can see the whole system has several layers and the PiON is sitting at the top. Please note in the picture the PiON Board is purple rather than the final green color.

PiON Server Picture

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