Wug Robot: PiON

PiON is a true multifunctional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for all Raspberry Pi models as long as they have GPIO pin heads. Why do we call it multifunctional? Because PiON is not just a traditional UPS for Raspberry Pi, it also serves as a soft switch to turn on and shut down Raspberry Pi, and much more.

In fact, PiON can also serve as UPS for Orange Pi and other ARM devices as long as they have the first six pins of GPIO the same as the layout shown in the below picture.

GPIO Picture

Below is a PiON with and without case, the second pictures shows the interfaces and switches on the PiON.

PiON Board Picture

PiON monitors the external power constantly, if external power drops to specific level, PiON switches power supply to battery pack without interrupting the running of the device. When external power is back, PiON will switch back to it and recharge the battery pack. The time the battery pack can support device running is decided by the battery pack capacity and device workload.

More than just an UPS, PiON also server as the soft switch of Raspberry Pi. The Power Switch on PiON (see below picture) can soft shut down and start Raspberry Pi in any condition at any time, so it provides a very convenient and controllable way to power up and down Raspberry Pi.

PiON with Notes Picture

Beyond above two functions, PiON also monitors the battery voltage, it provides an option to automatically soft shut down the Raspberry Pi through the Function Switch 1 when the voltage reaches a specific low level. This provides you another layer of confidence that your SD Card will be fine.

Lastly, Function Switch 2 will enable you charge either AAA battery or AA battery pack although the default battery pack included in the package is AAA battery pack.

Below is the PiON package we are currently selling at Amazon and Tindie.com. The package includes a PiON, a 7.2V 700mAH AAA NiMH battery pack with connector, cable between PiON Board and Raspberry Pi, and a cable between an AC to DC power adapter and the PiON Board. The AC to DC power adapter is not included in the package but you can easily find one at online or local stores, the specification of it should has an output between 8V and 15V, an output minimum 15W, and with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm connector.

PiON Package

This is a picture showing when all connections are set up with a Raspberry Pi.

PiON Assembled Picture

Below is a picture showing an example of a PiON application. It features one of our future server and file management systems running on the Raspberry Pi, you can see the whole system has several layers and the PiON is sitting at the top.

PiON Server Picture

Buy the PiON package at Amazon and Tindie.com

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